Escape the real world...visit The Lost Spring


Rejuvenate in pure mineral geo-thermal waters


Relax in therapeutic spring waters in a unique setting


The naturally mineralised water leaves your skin feeling soft and nourished.


Relax in style with friends and enjoy the poolside service


Rejuvenate your body and mind


Enjoy premier geo-thermal hot spring waters


Sourced from a naturally hot spring 667 meters below the earth’s surface

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The Lost Spring Whitianga, New Zealand’s Luxury Thermal Resort.

Escape from the real world and soak away your worries, aches and pains in New Zealand’s 100% pure thermal spring waters.

Travel to New Zealand’s Coromandel Peninsula; Experience luxury and relaxation in Whitianga’s beautifully hand sculpted pools filled with natural thermal spring waters, and surrounded by luscious native bush.

The Lost Spring therapeutic thermal pools offer a range in temperatures and depth to suit everyone. The Lost Springs largest thermal pool flows from warm shallows, past the bubbling Bathtub Terraces and through to the cooler waters of the Amethyst cave pool where the depth reaches 1 ½ metres. Sit back and relax in the natural spring mineral waters ranging from a cool 32degrees to a warm 38degrees. The Lost Springs Crater Lake Hot Pool is our warmest pool on location and can be found further up the path. With temperatures maintained at a toasty 40degrees you can enjoy a truly New Zealand thermal experience, nestled amongst NZ bush surroundings at the base of the TLS Volcano.

With running waterfalls from pool to pool you can settle back and listen to the sounds of nature entwined with soothing Pacifica music. Whilst you soak you can enjoy delicious cocktails and platters from our poolside menu, served to you by our friendly TLS Café staff. Refreshing filtered tap water is also available around each pool for your convenience. Relax and feel rejuvenated at New Zealand’s Luxury Thermal Resort.

Natural Geo-Thermal Spring Water sourced from beneath the ground....

The natural spring waters that fill each pool are sourced from an underground geo-thermal spring situated 667 meters beneath Whitianga. Waikato Regional Council research has shown the water from The Lost Spring Bore to be up to 16 thousand years old. The natural spring waters are rich with minerals and arrive into our luxury pools 100% pure. The Lost Springs geo-thermal water is then filtered through a U.V. system and large filters to maintain the crystal clean water.

This amazing pure mineral water leaves your skin feeling soft and nourished, your body feeling relaxed, and your mind refreshed.


Sustaining our Natural Resources.....

To keep our pool temperatures we maintain a consistent incoming flow of 100% pure thermal water. The overflow water coming out of the pools is then sent to ground soakage systems where the water can slowly return to the geo-thermal spring below the earth.

To relax and rejuvenate in New Zealand’s luxury thermal springs, simply visit The Lost Spring, Whitianga, and experience premier thermal pools in Coromandel Peninsula.

Supervised children OVER 14years are welcome within our thermal pools.

Please be aware The Lost Spring is an adult relaxation centre. Children under 14 are not permitted in or around our Geo-Thermal Pools.
Children over 14 and younger than 18 are permitted in our Geo-Thermal pools but must be accompanied by an adult with an ideal 1:1 adult/child ratio.

For more information regarding accessability, Changing facilities, medical conditions; please click here

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