D AY S P A Body & Holistic Therapies SUGAR GLOW Restore skin for a fresh and healthy glow with a body exfoliation using Pure Fiji sugar cane crystals and nutrient rich exotic Pure Fiji oils. Buff away ageing skin cells, unclog pores and hydrate the skin. Finish with an application of Pure Fiji hydrating lotion. DELUXE ISLAND WRAP Enjoy a gentle dry body exfoliation, followed by a full body massage with Pure Fiji exotic oil to relax tired muscles and unwind busy minds. Hands and feet are nourished with Pure Fiji body butter and wrapped in hot towels, then your whole body is wrapped, warm stones placed on top of your wrap and a scalp massage gently concludes your treatment. REFLEXOLOGY This is a natural, safe and gentle holistic therapy that helps restore the body’s inner strength. It balances body and mind, restoring health and harmony. There are reflexes in the feet and hands that mirror every gland, organ and part of the body. Gentle massage and pressure point techniques applied to these reflexes work to enhance the body’s equilibrium. 60 M I N U T E S $160 60 M I N U T E S $150 90 M I N U T E S $225