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Geo-Thermal Pools
Rain or shine, all year round


Give it a try, soak away the hours without lifting a finger, courtesy of our poolside food and drinks service

One of the most unique things to do in the Coromandel.

As you emerge through the native bush, the interplay of dancing light and rising steam invites you to explore and find a place to unwind. With water temperatures ranging from 30°C to 41°C and pools no deeper than chest height, there’s a perfect spot for everyone.


The mineral-rich, Geo-Thermal water of The Lost Spring is truly unique. Rising from 667m below the surface through a small crack in the bedrock, the water emerges completely sterile - fossilized after 16,000 years below ground. It’s such a rare & delicate water source, that for several generations it was considered lost until The Lost Spring founder Alan Hopping finally rediscovered it in 1989.




  • 地热温泉池套票
  • 洛斯特清爽鸡尾酒
  • 洛斯特特色拼盘
  • 租用睡袍和毛巾

Luxury Oasis of Rejuvenation

No Bookings Required

Bookings are not required for pool entry. Just arrive and enjoy the tranquil ambiance and soak your way to relaxation in 100% natural mineral waters.

Sit back and relax in the natural spring mineral waters ranging from 30°C to a warm 41°C (89°F - 104°F).

Poolside Service

The Lost Spring is a licensed premise with a licensed Café on site and poolside service available. Please do not bring your own food or drinks on site.

Our Restaurant and Café offers delicious fresh juices and healthy meals, as well as decadent dishes and tasty cocktails. Meals and beverages are available poolside, or in one of the many dining areas.

Child Policy

Please be aware The Lost Spring is a special place for adults. Children under 14 are not permitted in or around our Geo-Thermal Pools.

Children over 14 and younger than 18 are permitted in our Geo-Thermal pools but must be accompanied by an adult with an ideal 1:1 adult/child ratio.

About The Lost Spring

Soak in New Zealands Natural spring mineral waters at the lost spring Whitanga, Coromandel Peninsula

Our Unique Water Source

The ancient Geo-Thermal spring, situated 667 meters beneath The Lost Spring's Coromandel Peninsula property, fills the beautifully hand-sculpted pools with 16,000 year-old, naturally heated spring waters. These ancient waters have been tested and found to be highly mineralized and have a 7.4 pH level.

The Lost Spring's truly therapeutic, 100% pure mineral water will leave your skin feeling soft and nourished. The natural heat will soak away the stress of the real world, giving gentle rejuvenation of the body, mind and soul.

The Lost Spring’s Geo-Thermal pools range in temperature from 30°C to a warm 41°C (89°F - 104°F), so you can choose your ideal heat for pure relaxation. A small amount of chlorine is used at the minimal levels required by law, and a strict cleaning regime is followed daily to ensure the TLS thermal pools are kept to optimum cleanliness at all times.Our natural hot spring waters flow continuously through our pools before being returned to below ground.    


Our Philosophy & Founder; Alan Hopping

The Lost Spring is returning magic to the lives of many and we are driven by a commitment to excellence.

After years of tenaciously searching before finally striking the water source, The Lost Spring was sculpted by the hands and vision of founder Alan Hopping.  Alan’s unique personality and love of the Coromandel region are reflected in everything; from the swim-in crystal cave to the lush native bush throughout The Lost Spring.

The story of The Lost Spring and Alan's relentless pursuit of his dream of re-discovering the once-lost water source is a history that we cherish. Our heritage is woven into the fabric of The Lost Spring and makes it all the more rewarding for us to share this magical place with visitors. Alan now runs The Lost Spring alongside his daughter, Alanna, who grew up in Whitianga.   

The Lost Spring, beautifully located on the Coromandel Peninsula is a truly unique NZ experience.

Our Historic School House Building

The main building, housing the restaurant, reception and changing rooms was once the local school, before being relocated and re-purposed. It's colonial style beautifully frames The Lost Spring. 


See what people love about The Lost Spring

"Hidden treasure"

Well worth going. A hidden treasure in Whitianga, and highly recommended. Great place for couples with hot springs, cocktails and meals.


I had a most enjoyable time having a swim and then a body massage as well as a platter of delicious food and a cocktail

"Anniversary Treat"

Fabulous place, very relaxing and enjoyed the pina colada by the pool, topped off with a couples massage.

Find the Lost Spring, Whitianga, New Zealand

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